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External support is a matter of trust


That's why we attach great importance to the fact that not only the child but also their caregiver(s) (usually the parents) feel comfortable and secure. The feeling of security is not easy to convey, which is why we give parents and children enough time to familiarize themselves with us and our premises and the environment and are open to all questions.

The KiTa Little Angels team is led by a trained specialist with 17 years of experience. The group leader and the co-educator also have many years of experience in working with children.


Both female and male caregivers serve the children as important role models and reference persons in their development. That's why we have a young man who is in his second year of training and will complete adult training in the summer of 2023.

We are open and take life with a lot of humor, but don't forget the seriousness of our work with the children. The right balance between safety and freedom, fun and also rules and limits is guaranteed and is constantly evaluated. We are there for each other and complement each other with our different characters in everyday life. We also maintain this loyal, respectful, helpful and humorous relationship with our children. Everyone is and can be individual with us.

It has been proven that by observing and using our intuition we can wonderfully accompany and support the children in their growth. Every situation brings us a bit more experience in our job, which gives us the opportunity to improve and expand our knowledge.




- Founder of the KiTa Little Angels
- Recognized nursery manager
- Training officers
- Work in the child and adolescent psychiatric service in Brüschhalde (Männedorf)
- Work in the youth center Stiftung Schloss Regensberg
- Psychological training in the areas of facial analysis and body language, psychosomatics, transactional analysis and communication
- Further training in language support for children (in cooperation with the University of Education St. Gallen)
- Further training in finance 



- In adult training (2nd year of training)
- Degree in the commercial field (computer science)



- Abgeschlossene Ausbildung als

Erzieherin an der EPE

- Abgeschlossene Ausbildung zur


- Abgeschlossene Ausbildung zur



- Erfahrungsjahr bis im Sommer 2024

- potentieller Start mit der Ausbildung zu Fachmann Betreuung im Kinderbereich


-Im 1. Ausbildungsjahr


Our pedagogical mission statement

The child is the focus

Each child is seen as an individual.

Our daycare is open to all children, regardless of nationality, origin or religion.


The care and observation of each child is the focus of our work.

We ensure a flexible and varied group life.


We attach great importance to rituals in everyday life, as they offer the child protection, security, support and orientation.


The right balance between safety and freedom is implemented in everyday life.



The movement promotion


By taking the children outside every day, regardless of the weather, we support their development areas in terms of motor skills, social skills and environmental awareness.

Encouragement of gross- and fine motor skills: counting with fingers, singing along with gestures, painting with hands and feet, dancing, gymnastics, cutting, running and climbing, hopping on one foot, etc. The activities are always planned and carried out according to age.




We offer the children fruit and vegetables every day as well as a varied diet with enough vitamins for everyday life.

Sweets and soft drinks are only offered on birthdays, Christmas and farewell rituals.

Of course, we take different eating habits into consideration.

We are always open to different, cultural recipes and strive to try specialties from other countries.

The children are involved in the preparation of breakfast and Z'Vieri (snack time in the afternoon).


Children wash their hands before and after each meal.

As adults, we act as role models.


After all larger meals, we brush our teeth with the children.

We do not force the child to finish eating. There will always be a small amount of each in his plate to taste. We encourage the child to do this by trying it out for ourselves.


Cooperation with parents/caregivers

The exchange between KiTa and parents and/or caregiver is always transparent.

We have a daycare cell phone, with which we can also be reached by parents on walks.

Location talks are offered to the parents and take place in the day-care center after a suitable appointment has been made.

Summer and Christmas parties bring parents/carers and the day-care center team closer together.

The parents or caregivers can also get to know each other better and continue to keep in touch after the day-care center together.

We try to respond to needs and wishes and are open to compromises.

We attach great importance to respectful, open and honest communication.





In the team, respect, honesty, openness, trust, mutual acceptance and helpfulness as well as openness to personal development are highly valued. The head of the day-care center always strives to ensure that such contact is maintained. Therefore, she prefers to lead the team in the situational leadership style. With the situational approach, it is important to meet each employee exactly where they are and to find out together how the team can be strengthened and where which employee can develop further. 


Everyone is welcomed as an employee in our KiTa, regardless of nationality. Both female and male caregivers serve as important role models for the children.


Meetings keep the team and collaboration transparent. Each team member should be able to freely address praise and criticism and suggest changes.



Our standard of cleanliness in our KiTa is very high. We clean daily and constantly clean the toys. Once a week we do a big cleaning.

Weekly menu plans are created by the group leader in consultation with the team and are posted on the information board in the group room for the parents to see. Daily temperature checks of the refrigerator and freezer ensure the quality of our food.

We work topic-oriented and select these groups - as well as according to their interests. 

In order to ensure our quality in every aspect of our work as well as further development in the team, we continue to educate ourselves in all areas and discuss the newly acquired knowledge as well as the new experiences and changes. We record these in writing at our group meetings. Our concept is constantly being expanded and approaches from Montessori pedagogy have been added. However, we still have our own concept, which is a mixture of the three parenting styles (democratic, authoritarian and laissez-faire) and includes Montessori approaches. The combination in our pedagogy allows us to act in a needs-oriented manner. 


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